14 May 2007

The Labeling Game - Hara's Legacy

I'm hard at work on the final round of fixes for Hara's Legacy, which is coming out on May 29th from Samhain (yes, we're a little behind because RT took a chunk of time that we'd meant to use a little more efficiently - LOL). This book, like many I write, crosses all sorts of genre boundaries. It's set in the future, with aliens occupying the Earth, so it's either Sci Fi or Futuristic, depending on how you define those genres, but one of the main plot points is that all the human characters are psychic in some way. So does that make it Paranormal? Then there's the fact most of the action is set on a ranch in the wilderness, so you've got the Western aspect. See what I mean? Genre lines are not only crossed, but pretty much obliterated!

I tend to narrowly define Sci Fi vs. Futuristic. To me, anything that happens out in space, or on a ship/space station/what have you, is firmly in the Sci Fi category. Futuristics tend to focus more on humans and Earth - or some colony world - but in some distant future which can be, and often is, post-apocalyptic in nature. By that definition, Hara's Legacy is definitely Futuristic, though the presence of aliens will make many people think Sci Fi. *shrug*

Then there are the Paranormal categories. The genre seems to encompass (judging by the market and what other kinds of books are being labelled Paranormal) the traditional werewolves and vampires, but also psychic phenomena of all kinds, ghost stories, and the more Buffy-like demons, angels, zombies, and other things that go bump in the night. The characters in Hara's Legacy have psychic gifts. The eldest brother has precognitive visions, the middle brother is telekinetic and the youngest has very strong telepathic skills. The heroine is strongly empathic. All of their skills together are what's helped them survive in the "brave new world" where aliens have invaded and claimed the Earth for themselves. So, as you might guess, I'm in a bit of a quandry. How to label this?

I just don't know, but my guess is the Futuristic setting probably takes precedence, then the Paranormal abilities of the characters. Oh, and it's a really hot romance. I mean scorching, so that's got to be taken into consideration as well. LOL. I don't envy the publisher for having to make these kinds of category decisions. I've become a little hung-up on how you define each category as I struggle with how to describe my books and set up my website. It seems each person I speak to has different definitions. Thanks for bearing with me as I search for my own concensus of what's what. Any suggestions/comments are welcome!

Bianca D'Arc
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