10 December 2008

Cool Yule Giveaway

Presents! Who doesn't like to get presents? Or give them for that matter. I was thinking about presents the other day. (Well, really I was thinking about my blog post the other day and how I had to come up with something to blog about.) My mind kept coming back to presents seeing as how 'tis the season and all of that. I'm almost finished with my Christmas shopping.

Stop. I can hear everyone's groans and all of you saying how you hate people like me who finish early. I haven't always been like that. In fact, this is the first year I've been done this early. For the past five years I've worked in Retail Management and we all know what that means--no holiday time. So I swore this year was going to be different.

As my mind sifted and sorted various blog topics concerning presents, I thought why not GIVE some presents to our loyal blog readers. I sent the call out to my fellow Beyond the Veil writers and suddenly we had this fabulous contest and so many cool gifts to give away that we decided to extend it.

So as a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you, we at Beyond the Veil would like to give you a few gifts. There's a catch (there always is). You have to comment on our blog in order to be eligible. If you post anonymously or from a profile with no contact info, you must leave us an email address so we can contact you. Unclaimed prizes will be reallocated after five business days. Drawing will be held after noon on Dec. 21, 2008.

And to get you started, I'll give you some ideas to comment on. For instance, where's the best place you've had to hide your presents? What are some of your best holiday memories? Like to bake? Share a quick and easy recipe with us. Or just stop by and wish us a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday.

The contest will run from December 10 until noon (EST) on December 21 (The Winter Solstice - we are paranormal authors!). Twelve lucky winners will receive a free gift from us.

Here's a list of what we're giving away:

Download of one of Carolan Ivey's titles, unless the winner has read all of them, then a download of an SP title of their choice
Bath and Body Works Giftset from Kaye Chambers
Handmade giftbag and a dowload of any one title by Jody Wallace
Download of Dream Walk by Meg Allison
Download of With Nine You Get Vanyr by Jean Marie Ward
PDF download of any one title in Biana D'Arc's backlist
Download of any one title in Dayna Hart's backlist
Download of Heart of the Sea by Sela Carson
Download of Midnight Reborn - The Watchers by Diane McIntire
Download of Poison by Joely Skye
Download of Hunting the Huntress by Ember Case
Download of any one title in Sharon Cullen's backlist

Ready? Set? Go! Leave us a comment!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

From the authors of Beyond the Veil
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