23 December 2008

Midnight Rose is released today!!

Midnight Rose - the second installment of the Watchers series is released today from Samhain Publishing. This is Vane and Rosa's story.

With the fireworks festival to kick off the Kentucky Derby in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, mere days away and the expectation of an onslaught of rogue vampires attempting to crash the party, the Watchers have their hands full. As if Vane didn't have enough on his plate, Evan, a psychotic vampire has plans for Rosa. A second player joins the game with eyes on Rosa as a prize - a drug running Rogue with plans to release a vampire drug which could have dire consequences if it hits the streets. A blanket of roses isn't all that's at stake with this race to to see who will win and who will fall short of the finish line.


After finishing their coffee and dessert, Vane decided to take Rosa for a short walk by the river. They had talked for hours, enjoying each other’s company. He had never spent so much time talking to a woman and found it very pleasant, realizing the act had been something he had missed out on all this time. Whenever he was with a woman, their mouths were too busy doing other things to do much talking.

They walked along the River Walk, watching the flowing dark water of the Ohio River with the image of the bright yellow moon reflecting off the small ripples. Vane wanted to pull Rosa into his arms and kiss her, but he didn’t want to move too fast. She was obviously enjoying their date as much as he was, and he didn’t want to do anything to ruin it.

After a while, they turned and headed to where Vane’s Mercedes was parked, holding hands like a couple of high schoolers. A dark alley loomed ahead, and the closer they got, the more unease he felt. Suddenly, Vane knew why.

“Rosa, I want you to go to the car. Now. Here are my keys, and don’t look back.”

Vane could see he was scaring her, but he had to get her out of here. He didn’t want Rosa to be caught in the middle of what was about to go down.

“Why? Tell me what’s wrong.”

Before he could answer and make her understand she needed to get the hell out of there, a man swaggered out of the dark shadows of the alley.

“Well, if it isn’t a Watcher.”

The Rogue emerged from the shadows showing his bloodstained fangs with a menacing sneer. He looked at Vane, then turned to Rosa. The thought of the filthy vampire setting his gaze upon Rosa, his Rosa, made Vane’s blood boil.

Vane saw a second Rogue cross the street and saunter behind Rosa. It wasn’t a surprise they would plan to use her to keep him off-balance.

Two more Rogues stepped out of the alley, each carrying knives, something the Watchers had noticed they started showing up with. Rogues were acquiring weapons from somewhere, and the consensus among the Watchers was it was from someone, but there was no idea as to who that was.

Vane’s mind reeled. This wasn’t going to be an easy fight, and his concern for Rosa intensified. He berated himself for putting her in danger. How stupid to believe because he was a Watcher they would be safe strolling around downtown alone at dark. He had let his guard down, and Rosa might pay the price for it.

“Midnight Rose” by D. McEntire
Buy from MBaM! Read An Excerpt Online
ISBN: 978-1-60504-247-3

Sometimes a rose is more than a rose.
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