26 December 2008

Lazy git

You know how everything always happens at once? Events never happen at evenly spaced intervals. Oh no. It's usually a bunch of vitally important things that you HAVE to be at, all overlapping by an hour, on the same day, across town from each other.

Welcome to my Friday.

I'm not actually here. I'm in Indianapolis. Or at least on my way there. I'm also blogging here at Beyond the Veil AND at the Samhain Blog.

So in the spirit of saying "I can't take it anymore!" this is nothing more than a blog post telling you to go to the Samhain blog to read the real post, which should, God willing, go live at 3pm EST. Given the way my luck is running, I'll come home to find that techno-wizardry has bitten me on the ass. Again.

I will be so glad once Christmas is officially over.
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