12 December 2008

Happy December, Winter, Holidays....

New Release! 12/23/09 - Midnight Rose

First of all, let me say I can’t believe it is already December! When my first book…I literally mean my very, very first book, came out in May--Midnight Reborn, the first of the Watchers series--I thought December was a long ways away for the second book to be released. But now, here we are and Midnight Rose is set to release on December 23, 2008 from Samhain Publishing.

Ok, now back to a blog topic…I really do have one…promise. I’m sure you have been reading a lot of blogs about the holidays, and unfortunately, mine is no different. LOL.

My husband and I do not exchange gifts. I guess, after 19 years, we don’t look at it as any reflection of what we feel about one another if no gift is purchased. I personally look at it this way…If there is something I want…I go out and get it (within reason, of course).

This year I have taken care to get the kids a few items they wanted, but I have also kept my eye open for others around me and what they need. There is a family I know with young children and only one parent employed, though his hours have been cut. There is a guy at my work who does many chores outside, but does not have a coat, although he considers his hooded, flannel sweatshirt a coat. It is here my family and I have decided to focus our holiday attention…those who we know really need it.

Ok – I will get out of the deep end of the pool now and move to another topic along the lines of gift giving. What the heck do you give your dog or cat? Treats? Toys? I have so many toys lying around the house it isn’t funny (dog toys that is…don’t go letting your mind wander). And, treats? My bichon is so fat she really doesn’t need anything more to eat, LOL.

I do try to include the animals in the holiday spirit, though. The miniature horse and fainting goats will get some apples…and then I’ll have apples in return. I guess you can say we’ll have an apple exchange. *grin* A little farm humor for those who got it, he he.

What about you good folks out there? I’m sure you’ve been asked many times what you do for the holidays…so hopefully this one hasn’t been asked. What about your pets? Do you take them along on a holiday vacation? Do something special for them? Do they care? (LOL).

Maybe you could read them a good book! And do I have some suggestions for you! Why not let them hear the tale of vampires in Louisville, Kentucky, hunting Rogues and wondering why the heck Fate decided at that moment to toss some fresh meat of the female persuasion their way.

Check out two reads that’ll warm your heart and curl your toes. Oh yeah, and Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

D. McEntire

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