14 December 2008

Early Fantasy Makes a Comeback

And I mean REALLY early. We had a film about Beowulf a year ago...this isn't quite that far back. But rumor has it that at some point in the near future (further than nearer if the SAG strike happens), a movie in the spirit of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy will be made of Paradise Lost. Yes, that Paradise Lost, the one by Milton. The one about Satan being thrown out of Heaven and reappearing in the body of a snake to sweet-talk Eve into eating one little apple.

I don't know how I feel about this. PL is one of my favorite pieces of the late Renaissance period (technically I suppose he falls under The Restoration; he wrote during the reign of Charles I, through that tricky Oliver Cromwell period, and into the reign of Charles II. But I digress), and I actually DO understand it. It's a terrific story, well told, full of thought provoking visual images. If it weren't for the whole Biblical angle, I'd call it epic fantasy. It has the potential to be a spectacular movie, if for nothing else than the images in Book 1 - the lake of fire, the sheer volume of Satan relayed in the words (he was HUGE, apparently), the legion of fallen angels, and of course, the building of Pandemonium, Satan's palace. That's just the first book. We don't even get to the Garden of Eden until much later. All of this, by the way, is even more impressive, this vibrant description, when you consider it was written by a blind man in a age WAY before computers.

Anyway, yes, it has the potential to be spectacular. It also has the potential to fall flat on it's face. Which would be a shame. I would hope it wouldn't be touted as strictly a religious film, because it's so much MORE. It's a story for the ages, and one every genre writer should read, along with Frankenstein and Dr. Faustus. Light and dark, good and evil, and love. There's even some sex. Yep.

At any rate, I hope they get Peter Jackson to direct, but fear he's too busy with The Hobbit. If they can pull off something of that scope, I think it'll be worth seeing. It deserves to be huge, as huge as Satan.

I won't be seeing you again until after the New Year, so have a happy holiday! Oh, and The Crown of Zeus will be out in paperback on Dec. 29! I'm having a launch party at the Mullica Hill Library at 7 pm that day. If you're in the area, stop by and have some cake with me!
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