04 March 2009

Eye Candy

Writers never work on one book at a time. We always have several books in several different stages going on. Right now I'm actually, physically writing Absolution. I just finished the edits on Obsession and the galleys on Deception and Redemption.

And of course, as happens a lot, this new character unexpectedly pops up in Absolution and suddenly he's the hero in my next book. A book I didn't even know I was going to write until he showed up. That book even has a title. Salvation. Do you see a trend?

Anyway, I was looking on the internet for some photos of Shane (the new hero) because I like to be able to "see" my characters and I thought I'd share a few of ideas of what I think he looks like. Because, you know, we all need some eye candy now and again (especially on a Wednesday). So drool away.

I love his eyes.

But I love this guy's face. So I think I might combine the two.
Are his eyes really this blue? Sigh. He's not what I have in mind for Shane, but he's darn good looking isn't he?

If you've read Deception and Redemption then you've already met Eric. Eric is the hero in Absolution, the story I'm now writing and the story that's giving me fits because Eric and his heroine are not cooperating one bit. Here is the inspiration for Eric. Again, I love the eyes. I must have a thing for bright blue eyes.
I could show you my heroines but lets face it, the heroines aren't as fun to look at as the heroes .

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