09 March 2009

Read an E-Book Week!

March 8-14 is Read an E-Book Week!

To celebrate, head over to the Samhain Cafe for Reader Appreciation Week and comment to win free e-books!

Times and technology are changing -- and changing quickly. While e-books have been around for several years, it took the marketing savvy of the folks at Amazon to really bring the idea to the public marketplace.

Now the big debate isn't paper or plastic, it's Kindle or Sony. The ladies at Dear Author regularly post about e-reading technology and their most recent post, How to Decide Between the Sony and the Kindle eInk Readers, is merely the latest in an ongoing debate.

If the nifty gadgets don't convince you, how about this article from EPublishers Weekly called 30 Benefits of EBooks. Top of the list? Ebooks promote reading at a time when people spend more time in front of screens, than in front of books. Also, they're environmentally friendly.

John Siracuse of Ars Technica gives a clear-eyed view of the changing face of e-book technology over the years with The once and future e-book: on reading in the digital age.

For writers debating the merits of e-book vs traditional publishing, please keep in mind that, as Angela James notes in this article, A Different Way Isn't the Wrong Way.

However you choose to read, remember that the platform isn't the most important thing. It's All About the Story.

ETA: Head over the Barbaray Vey's Beyond Her Book blog at Publisher's Weekly. It's her 2nd anniversary bash and she'll be giving away a ton of books every day this week! Today is Paranormal Romance day, so you'll see lots of familiar names.
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