30 March 2009

How Do You Feel About....


Personally, I love the idea of coming back and doing it all over again. Though I have to say, I won't be too happy to do high school all over again - let alone puberty. Of course by the time I come back again they might have pills that shoot you through the process like a Growing-Up Skipper. (Remember that doll? You twisted her arm clockwise and she grew breasts and a waistline.)

I also love to read books about lost loves finding each other again in this lifetime. All right, so call me a mush. I know I'm a sappy, sentimental fool in a tough-chick's clothing, but really I just can't help myself. There is just something so touching and beautiful about getting a second chance to get it right. Or a third, or fourth chance even.

Over the years I've studied many and various topics of parapsychology and one of them is the subject of reincarnation. I've read books by Brian Weiss and Micheal Newton, Raymond Moody and Bruce Goldberg for both research purposes and just because I find the subject so fascinating. Reading detailed accounts from the files of respected researchers only confirms my beliefs that such a fantastic thing is possible. Let's face it, energy is never destroyed, it only takes on a new form. So, why not return to the fold and wait until there is an acceptable vessel that we can inhabit? Do we learn everything we need to in one life-time? I doubt it. There is just too much information out there to make that possible.

I've had a plot and a really awful, horrible, dreck of a manuscript based on reincarnation that I've been meaning to pull out of my to-never-be-seen file and dust off and revamp. I've learned so much about not only the topic but the writing craft since I first wrote the very first draft of that book - long hand!!! The second version was actually done on a computer, but it's bad...so freaking bad I can sometimes smell it stinking up the house. A few years ago, I actually sat down with a notebook in hand and started on page one, word one and started to reoutline the novel. I changed the past from Scotland to the New Jersey Highlands. (Similar topography if you stand at the scenic overlook at the rocky cliffs down into the Delaware River which is really what I require in one scene, the rest could happen anywhere.) - I keep saying, I'll work on that one _______ (fill in the blank). However, so many other projects crop up and take importance over that one.

So, I really do hope reincarntion is real. It's going to be the only way I finish all the story ideas I have tucked away.

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