08 March 2009

Memo From the Universe: Be Patient

If I've learned anything over the years, it's that when things don't go my way, despite my best laid plans (sans mice and men) that there's a reason for it, and if I wait long enough, I'll figure out what it is.

Sounds silly? This theory has proven itself time and again over the years. In the strangest ways. The reason may not come around for a year, or even longer, and I get impatient and do stupid things in the meantime that I look back and go "Duh! Why did I do that when THIS was supposed to happen?"

When The Crown of Zeus was being shopped, I had it with a publisher who had plans for it if he liked it. It fell through, and I was sad. Then I found Samhain, and my editor(s) - my first editor had to leave due to health issues - were so enthusiastic about it I couldn't have asked for anything better. Just an example of this Universe talking to me.

The latest episode has gone something like this: I've been working my arse off getting certifications to be able to teach, to have a full time job. Last year I went job hunting, found what I thought was the perfect job. Didn't get it. I was disheartened - where would I find another school I liked so much?

So this year I went with my plan B and added my home school district to my substitute list. (I'm still finishing up my second Bachelor's degree too, and I'm kind of glad I didn't have a full time job now, since it would have been nearly impossible, time-wise.) I've really enjoyed being there, more than the other district I work for. They give me work almost every day. And this week they've offered me a long-term sub job, as long as there's no certification issues with the state:

It's in the library.

I get to be paid to be surrounded by an elementary school library for three months! Whoo Hoo! And if I HAD gotten what I thought was that dream job, I wouldn't have been here to take it. It'll look great on my resume. And I may be taking an adjunct position for next year, which is how I've heard several teachers got their full time jobs...Son will be in school full-time next year, and I'll be finished that degree, which will make things even easier.

It's been nearly a year since I started the job search. I'll be hitting the teacher job fair again this year, but if I don't get an offer, I'll know it's because the job I'm supposed to have hasn't found me yet.

The Universe speaks, I just have to remember to listen.
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