26 February 2010

Admitting my addiction...

I'll be the first to fess up. I have what you would term an "addictive" personality. My current obsession is Facebook... or rather, the games and applications there. So here's a list of things that might mean you're dealing with similar issues. ;)

You might be addicted to Facebook if...

1. You make sure you leave enough time in your morning routine to harvest/serve/or otherwise take care of your various FB games.

2. Ditto for your evening routine.

3. You have at least one or more restaurants, farms and pets in FB land.

4. You find yourself quoting FB status posts to your friends or family.

5. In Cafe World, you know exactly what dishes to begin cooking so that you can serve them at a certain time of day, and plan accordingly.

6. You set your DVR for a favorite television show so you can keep playing on FB.

7. You often spend hours randomly searching FB for former school friends; boyfriends or girlfriends; former co-workers; and that girl who used to cut your hair.

8. You have ever spent real money to purchase Farmville Dollars; Cafe Coins; Brownie Points; Gold; etc.

9. When FB is unavailable for a day or longer, you begin to develop a nervous twitch.

10. You laugh maniacally when you pass up a friend or son/daughter on a game you both play. Then proceed to taunt them about it.

I'd think of more... but I have food to serve now. ;) Have a great weekend, everyone!
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