01 February 2010

Odd Dreams and Wild Things

In the annals of wild dreams, I'm sitting on the mother lode most days. I dream in vivid color and exquiste detail. Most of the time they aren't very cohesive though, so that sucks, but hey, I can still glean little germs of wisdom or awesome story ideas from them.

So, when I woke up yesterday after sleeping maybe five hours after my shift ended at 7am, I felt as if I'd been through a half-broken looking glass. The dream I had was so disturbing, but not for reasons you may think. There wasn't blood and gore. I wasn't being chased by some psycho with a butcher knife or even hunted by a wild animal. No, not me.

I was Chicken Little.

Not the actual CL. I mean I didn't have feathers or a beak. I was me, but having an experience that shook me as if the sky were falling. Worse. Large objects were falling at me. Like guns you'd find on battleships. The barrel. The big damn barrel coming straight at me as I look up into the clear blue sky.


And more disturbing was the fact that as these objects were hurling themselves at me from outer space, I stood there open-mouthed waiting for the thing to land and make the loud vibrating sound of impact with the earth. However, there was no sound. No impact. It just sort of disappeared when it should have landed. And the tidals waves that should have occurred when this gun barrel hit the water, where was that? Honestly, that's the thing that woke me up.

Now, I'm not one who believe much in dream interruptation. I think we assign our own values and symbolizm to things, and what might mean something to me, might mean nothing to someone else. So, even though I own a dream dictionary, it's not a book I reach for very often. (Probably not even once since I repainted my office over eight years ago). I doubt, however, if I were inclined to search for battleship guns in a dream dictionary, I probably wouldn't find it listed.

So, what does it mean?

Damned if I know.

Do I care? Not it knowing what it means. I'm more disturbed by just the image of looking up and seeing something so huge coming at me than I am discovering the underlying cause.


I hope my sleep isn't as disturbing today when I lay down before work. It's hell having to spend the entire sleep cycle outrunning objects, only to go to work to care for patients who just won't understand that I've been dodging space junk all day.

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