05 February 2010

Secondary Characters

I usually have a hard time thinking of a topic for blogging, but today's idea sort of fell into my lap from another discussion on favorite scenes with secondary characters with another group. I got to thinking about The Watchers series, and I must say there is a couple who will always be my favorite, thus make a cameo in other books in the series whenever I can fit them in...Robyn and Trigg from Midnight Reborn.

The following scene is from Midnight Rose, the second novel of my paranoral romance series, The Watchers.

I hope you enjoy the following snippet:

"Okay, chiquita. You’ve been boring holes through me for the past hour. What is it?"
Robyn sighed and tried not to smile at Vane’s use of the endearment. He had called her chiquita since the day they had first met.
She knew she had been caught. Wiping her hands on the dishtowel she held, she walked out of the kitchen, up to the billiard table and chose her words carefully, knowing she was jumping into choppy waters. The situation between Vane and Rosa really wasn’t any of her business, but she felt compelled to bring it up.
"Vane, anyone can see you are troubled by something, and I am pretty sure I know what that something is."
Vane hesitated on his shot and glanced up at her before turning back to his game.
"I also know Rosa is having a difficult time too." Robyn saw Vane tense at the declaration.
Maybe, she thought, he hadn’t realized Rosa was suffering.
Vane walked around to the other side of the billiard table, and lined up his next shot. He spoke without looking up. "What are you getting at, chiquita?"
"Well," she continued, unable to stop herself from wiping her hands anxiously on the dishtowel. "I think you two are making a terrible mistake. It isn’t easy to find the right person these days, and I think you two are perfect for each other. You’re both too thickheaded to see it."
Vane looked up and raised an eyebrow at her assessment of their behavior.
"Chiquita." Vane sighed and laid down the pool stick he was using. He ran a hand through his hair and shrugged. "Rosa is a very special woman. She is refined, classy. She needs someone who would be good for her. A man who has a nice job, can put her up in a nice place and build a family with her."
"And you think you can’t?"
Vane looked her straight in the eyes, his face somber. "No. I can’t. I’m a Watcher—a vampire warrior. I hunt and kill Rogues. Hell, since I started dating her, I have brought her nothing but trouble."

When reading a series, do you find yourself wondering about characters whose stories you've read in previous stories? Or, do you feel their story is over and done with...time to move on? Do you think their appearance takes away from the main characters or adds to the story, bringing it more depth?

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