09 February 2010

Promo Tuesday: "Hoodoo Cupid"

If you still haven't yet found the right Valentine's Day read, may I suggest "Hoodoo Cupid" from Red Rose Publishing. It's got a sexy hero, a never-say-die heroine, admen behaving badly, an emergency stash of Dove chocolate and just a hint of voodoo. As the blurb says:

Maggie Scanlan’s voodoo was a total bust until she took her scissors to a voodoo doll on Valentine’s Day. All she wanted to do was to make ad agency wonder boy and professional rival Dan Constantine know what it felt like to be cut off at the knees. She never expected him to break his leg, much less sweep the rug out from under her—in an Emergency Room, no less.

Dan makes her crazy, and every finely tuned professional instinct is telling her to run. But her heart—and Dan—have other ideas. Will they make it a Valentine’s Day to remember? Only Maggie’s voodoo doll knows for sure, and it’s not talking.

There's even an excerpt if you'd like to read more.

You know you do. ;-) Happy reading!

Jean Marie
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