21 February 2010

Divination: Celtic Ogham - Eadha

Eadha, pronounced "EH-yuh" (or Edad, pronounced "EH-duth", probably depends on the dialect)
Tree: White Poplar (Populus alba)
Letter: E
Month: Autumn Equinox
Color: Silver, white (some sources say red or red-speckled grey)
Animal: White horse, swan
Deities: Angus mac Og, Arawn, Rhiannon
Planet: Mercury or Saturn
Stone: Obsidian

White poplar, aka aspen, is a moisture loving tree that flourishes along rivers, streams and wetlands. Its wood has traditionally been used to make shields. In contrast, it's a flexible tree that will bend a long way before breaking (like its cousin, the willow). Its leaves quiver at the slightest breath of wind, hence its nickname, "the whispering tree."

Its ability to survive averse conditions is a message that we, too, have the ability to endure and overcome. Spiritually, it tells you to stay strong against worldly pressures; know that Universal Love is on your side to help you move beyond fears, doubt and pain.

Arawn is the king of the Underworld, of the unknown, hence his association with Eadha. One of the legends of the goddess Rhiannon is about her being falsely accused of eating her own infant son. Having married a human, she could not return to the underworld. Instead she patiently endured her punishment - standing by the castle gates with a heavy horse collar around her neck, telling passersby of her crime and sometimes carrying visitors on her back - for four long years. Her courage was rewarded when her son was returned to her by a nobleman who had found the kidnapped infant abandoned in a field. She resumed her place as queen, forgiving those who had accused her.

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