14 August 2011

Bad Boys, My Favorite Guilty Pleasure

Oh how I love a bad boy. Those delicious men who we know are wrong for us, who will just leave behind a trail of broken hearts, who won’t call us in the morning....but give such pleasure between the sheets that we’ll never forget it. He usually puts himself first and does what he wants whenever he wants. They can be the dangerous man on the motorcycle, the arrogant fighter jet pilot, or the evil mastermind that we just know would give up his nefarious ways if only he had the right woman at his side.

And of course, we all think we’re that one woman who can change him. Who can make him finally see the light and become our one and only. Unfortunately that rarely happens in real life. In real life the super good looking douche bag continues to be a super good looking douche bag and that night with him that rocked our world is just another notch on his bed post. Or, even worse, we end up on Maury Povich doing a paternity test to prove that he is your babies daddy. :P

However, in the world of romance love conquers all and we soon find out that our bad boy wasn’t really all that bad. Within his soul was a place untouched by evil, that flourishes under out love. There is nothing that he won’t do for us, and once he realizes that we are the center of his world he will destroy anyone that tries to harm us. Having all of that wonderful, deadly power wrapped around us like a protective shield is a very seductive image. 

Some of my favorite bad boys are:

Ann Rice’s Lestat. Can’t get much more self-centered and brooding, but he tries to do the right thing. 

Ice from Top Gun. Arrogant, hot, and I’d bet oh so good in bed. 

And Wolverine. Tormented, sarcastic, just waiting for the right woman.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my bad boys, that guilty pleasure that’s sure to break our heart but we just can’t resist. Who’s yours?
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