28 August 2011

Superheroes and why we love them!

It's been a great summer for me and anyone who loves superheroes – and plenty of characters to fall in love all over again or for the first time. But why do we love the good guys who are so often the bad boys? Here's my thoughts!

Tony Stark – Iron Man

Okay, I know Iron Man 2 was released last year but I love Robert Downey Jr. too much to not include him on this list. It wasn't such a great year for Tony on the business front – but he went places on the personal battleground with Pepper Potts! Why do we love Tony despite his character flaws… being a borderline alcoholic, workaholic, egomaniac and smug beyond belief? Because he's such a bad boy… in hot rod red!

I'll also add Sherlock Holmes into this mix because Downey plays him so well – who wouldn't want this great detective to unravel your mysteries? The man who can figure out almost anything doesn't seem to know a whole lot about women – but there's a lineup waiting to teach him!


Let's move on to a real God… Thor! Rocking the silver screen this summer with his big hammer, the Norse God of Thunder made the earth move with his abs and his wonderful boyish charm – tamed by Jane Foster who brought him down to ground and taught him that Earth Girls are… Fun!

Green Lantern - now there’s a man you can’t help but love. Able to create anything he can think of using his green ring? Hmm…. the possibilities! But for a man who can do anything he can’t face up to Carol Ferris and tell her how he feels about her and make a commitment… until he finds the strength inside to do what he needs to do to save her and the world!

My own lovely Canadian, Wolverine! Okay, so he might have a bit of a problem with facial hair and nightmares but he’ll always be there to scratch those hard-to-reach spots on your back! He’s still looking for the right woman to settle down with after having his heart broken a few times but who can’t love a cigar-smoking, beer-drinking man!

And last, but never least, our own Captain America! Poor little Steve Rogers never had any luck with the girls until he got the super-soldier serum… then women couldn't keep their hands off of him! Good thing Peggy Carter is there to not only help him fight off the women but also to keep him close and safe! I must admit the best scene for me is where poor old Steve doesn't quite understand the meaning of the word "fondue" and has to have Howard Stark (yes, Tony's dad!) explain girls to him. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Anyone have any more superheroes to add? I bet there's quite a few more to add to the list…
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