21 August 2011

The Love Triangle

I love to write about the strong, kick-ass heroine. The woman who is tough as nails on the outside and willing to do whatever it takes to protect everyone she loves at the expense of her own happiness. I call them "toasted marshmallows", crunchy on the ouside and gooey on the inside.

It challenges her man to be an even stronger character, knowing when to let his lady work out her own demons, when to stand in and defend her, and always, always willing to help her forget it all. But what really gets my writing fingers itching is when there is more than one alpha in her life.

Leah Wolfe, the main character in Nightwalker, A Leah Wolfe SINS Novel is in just such a predicament.

Leah Wolfe has retired from serious police work in favor of seeking a normal life. Her unique, yet not fully discovered supernatural abilities allow her to speak to the souls of the dead, providing vital information in the search for their killers. Her abilities have also cost her almost everyone she has ever loved including her mother, who abandoned her to fend for herself on the streets, and, most recently, her ex-fiancé Joaquín Wildhorse, Chief Detective of the Native American Reservation Police Department. But when Joaquín’s new lover is found brutally murdered on the reservation, he turns to Leah for help. The hunt for a vicious killer leads Leah to sexy Ian Nightwalker and Leah is unable to walk away from the case that may cost her her most guarded possession of all.

Her heart.

One man, Joaquin Wildhorse, embraces her heart.

Ian Nightwalker captures her soul.

Or do they both have their own agenda?

The conflict between Joaquin, Leah and Ian provides a character you 'love to love' and another that you 'love to hate'. You just have to decide which it is for you.

They do things you love...

Joaquín had changed out of his uniform and into a pale blue T-shirt accentuating the
muscles across his chest and down his rippled stomach. His tight black jeans hugged his
lean legs. Black cowboy boots completed the outfit. He took his seat across from me and
pulled a folded piece of paper out of his back pocket.

“Here. I thought you’d like this right away in case you decide to leave.”

My eyes flicked from the paper to his face. I’d never seen him look so tired, so lost. I
took the paper from his hand. Our fingers gently brushed against each other and I

“You don’t look like you’ve gotten much sleep,” I commented.

“It’s been a bad year. Sleep hasn’t been a priority.” He placed his hand on top of my
hand on the table, still holding the letter. “I am sorry. For everything.”

And things you hate...

Is that what this was all about? Ian jumbled my brain, made me ... what? Made me want him, kiss him? Shit. Was Joaquín right and all of these feelings for Ian were forced on me?
I stared at Ian, every ounce of anger flaring across my face. “You son of a bitch. You mind-fucked me. This whole thing is a lie.” I could barely speak; my breath came in short bursts.
“No Leah, I didn’t...”
I shook my head. “Don’t, Ian. I don’t want to hear it.”
“Leah!” The tone in Ian’s voice was more commanding than I could stand.
“Get a grave, Ian!”

And things you really, really love...

He pressed a finger to my lips. “I have wanted to touch you from the moment I saw you. I have no desire for this to end so soon.”
His words sent a shudder through me as he rolled me to my side, spooning his own body tightly behind me. His arm lay lightly over me while he caressed down my breast, my side and over the curve of my thigh. He brought us together once more as his fingers expertly aroused me. I bent forward to allow him to penetrate me deeper. We moaned in unison as each thrust filled me. My hands grasped at the sheets and as my body imploded once more, I screamed his name.

Yet unlike our heroine Leah, you don't have to choose one over the other. Although, it can be quite a delicious decision to make.

But in the end it must be Leah who makes the choice for herself.

The second book, The Order of Chaos, follows the choices that Leah Wolfe has made and adds more intriguing characters to the mix.

One man possessed her heart. The other possessed her soul.

Leah Wolfe, a federal agent for SINS, Supernatural Investigations of Non-Human Species is determined to move on with her life and master her own gifts, including the ability to speak to the souls of the dead. With a prominent member of The Marquis, the vampire ruling council, intent of coming to Leah’s hometown, the threat of Chaos touching everyone she loves brings her down a path that includes both Joaquin Wildhorse and Ian Nightwalker.

And, of course, the suspense that keeps the pages turning...

After one particularly long night, I poured myself a glass of wine and filled the tub. As I was about to ease into the rose-scented water, the bathroom light went out. I reached for the gun I had left on the counter before I realized that only the bathroom light had gone out. The hallway was still lit and I could still hear the soft music I’d left playing in the living room. The bulb had to be broken.
Making a mental note to pick up some spare light bulbs tomorrow, I pulled matches out of a drawer and lit the scented candle on the counter. I sank into the tub as the candlelight flickered and the scent of jasmine filled the room. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. That’s when I realized I was no longer alone.

So grab a book and dive into the characters that we all 'love to love' and 'love to hate'!

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