24 March 2008

Bianca's New Print Releases

Today I'm going to shamelessly plug three books of mine that are now available in print! First off, Sons of Amber came out today and is the compilation of my first two Sons of Amber stories - Ezekiel and Michael - in print. (Buy Link)

Here's a little bit about this book:

When an alien virus decimates humanity, Dr. Amber Waithe creates a small group of men who are immune. These genetically engineered supermen are the Sons of Amber. Their mission: to repopulate the human worlds. Of course, nobody expects them to fall in love.

Ezekiel - Crash landing on a strange desert world, Ezekiel is rescued by an angel who nurses him back to health. The small community of humans could be the only uninfected colony in the galaxy and he must protect them at all costs. Likewise, he must protect Angela - his angel - the one woman he wants like no other in the universe.

Michael - Commandant and soldier, when Michael hears women are being abducted, he goes undercover with his executive officer to nab the pirates. But playing the role of submissive female is something Leah, his competent XO, isn't sure she can do. Michael proves to her she not only can, but will enjoy the Dominant games he plays so well because he just can't live without her.

Hara's Legacy will be releasing in print tomorrow! It's the first book in my Resonance Mates series. (The second book in the series, Davin's Quest is already available in ebook formats and will be in print around New Year's.)

Here's the tagline for Hara's Legacy:

The first in a series of stories set in a future Earth, where the survivors of humanity must teach the Earth's new inhabitants what it means to be human... and to love.

For some odd reason, this book is already available through Amazon, though Samhain hasn't officially released it yet. (Buy Link) Same goes for my third print release this month, the I Dream of Dragons anthology, volume one. (Buy Link) I won't give you a lot on that book, due to the limits of space, but I will say it contains my Dragon Knights novella, Wings of Change, along with two other awsome stories by Summer Devon and Marie Harte.

I'm just thrilled that all these books are finally getting their day in print. I'm a little overwhelmed to have them all come out at once, but that seems to be the way things go for me - things releasing all at once with long wait times in between. Weird, huh?


Jean Marie Ward said...

Big congrats {{{{Bianca}}}}! There's nothing like petting the cover for the first time, is there? *g*
Hugs and cyber-champagne,
Jean Marie

Carolan Ivey said...

Congratulations, Bianca! Love the ripped abs on the cover. :)