10 March 2008

Once Upon A Time - being a Fairy Tale Princess in a Feminist World

Okay, who likes fairy tales? Yeah, me too. They were my absolute favorite when I was growing up. There was something so magical about godmothers that granted wishes and glass slippers and kisses that broke curses.
That was then. This is now. One thing those Fairy Tale Princesses (FTP's) had in common was that they were all...waiting. Waiting for someone to help them, waiting for the handsome prince to sweep them up onto a white horse and ride off into Happily Ever After. Nowandays, those girls are called 'sappy'. Women have power all their own, and they need to use it.

So how can you be a FTP in a Feminist World? Here are some tips.

1. Be sweet, but not a pushover. I mean, if the wicked stepmother can just waltz up and take you out with an apple, maybe you don't deserve to be the main character of a story. No one likes a b-...well, you know... either, so having a nice disposition is key to being an FTP.

2. Learn to fight your own battles. Take some Tae Kwon Do, find a gym and lift some weights. This goes hand in hand with #1 - people can't push you around if they know you'll gouge their eyes out or run them through with a broadsword for it. The challenge for the FTP is to kick butt without messing up your manicure. Because, even though your a modern day FTP, it doesn't mean you don't always look your best. And make sure you can balance your own checkbook, please!

3. Make sure Prince Charming knows you don't need him. He needs to understand in no uncertain terms that you can get along quite well all by yourself, but if he had to go ten minutes without you, the castle would fall to pieces.

4. Knowledge is power. If you aren't a dumb (insert your haircolor here), don't act like it. That dumb routine is O-U-T. It may work for Jessica Simpson (and it makes my skin crawl) but you are not a pop diva, and you wouldn't want to be. Yeah, I know men can be intimidated by a smart woman, but see #3. You'll be fine.

Follow these simple rules, and you too can be a FTP, even in a world that's telling you it's not cool to be a Princess.

Make every day magical,



Rhonda Helms said...

I love it--great advice!!! Good way to write our heroines, too... :D

Gia Dawn said...

Or Cinderella can now kick Prince Charming's ass??

It's nice to have a lot more options with your heroines these days...makes for fun writing!