12 March 2008


I feel like I've been sick for forever, though it's only been a week. In any event, I haven't had a lot of brain cells the last few days, so I decided that this post would point out interesting stuff going on elsewhere.

First and most importantly, there's lots of action going on at the Samhain Café. They're celebrating Read an Ebook Week and posting lots of excerpts, having lots of contests and just generally having a lot of fun.

Also, this week the Eppie winners were announced. Lots of Samhain winners, including Bianca D'Arc who posts here. Congratulations, everyone!

At Angela James's blog, there's an update on Samhain submissions. Lots of interesting tidbits, and hey, paranormal is still hot.

Finally, Dear Author posted a Celebrate Romance Report 2008 by Karen W. Celebrate Romance sounds like a fun and interesting conference, one I don't usually hear much about.

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