04 December 2009

Bragging rights

Just had to gloat a bit about a review for my latest baby, DREAM WALK.

Romantic Times Book Reviews gives it 4 Stars in this month's issue!

"Readers looking for a great new paranormal series need look no further. Allison
opens up a whole new world with her sensational Sentinels..."

—Gail Pruszkowski

I'll admit from the outset that DREAM WALK did not start out as a paranormal romance. In fact, it was supposed to be suspense. But the more I delved into the characters and the plot, the more I realized this world of the Sentinels was not exactly as it appeared at first glance.

It took a while to determine what sort of paranormal world I was dealing with, however. Vampires? No, not quite. Werewolves? No... at least, not in this story. ;) So what, then?

It ended up being a bit of a mix -- a world where there are many different, unusually gifted people. People who look 'normal' to everyone on the surface. A world much like the one we actually live in... but with surprises around every corner. Where demons walk among humans and monsters truly do lurk in the shadows.

I love this world of the Sentinels. It's dramatic and creepy...and still ripe for a myriad of happy endings.

So in the end, I'm thrilled with the paranormal turn this story took. I've stopped fighting my own muse and imagination. Now both have free reign.



Carolan Ivey said...

Woo hoo! Congratulations, Meg!

Jean Marie Ward said...

Congratulations, Meg! That's exactly the kind of review you want to come home to. Cheers and smiles,

Meg Allison said...

Thanks, ladies! :)

Kimberley Troutte said...

Congrats, Meg. And your book and world sounds awesome.

Meg Allison said...

Thanks, Kimberley!