26 December 2009

Divination: Celtic Ogham - Mistletoe

Though not officially part of the Celtic ogham, mistletoe was a sacred plant to the Druids. In in fact, its Irish name is "drualus", a word related to the word "druid". The root of both words refers to the sacred oak tree, upon which mistletoe grows.

Its various names include "all heal" and "Chieftain tree". The Celts used very small amounts of the toxic berry to treat conditions such as convulsions and heart conditions. Native Americans used infusions of it to treat headaches and lower blood pressure. (Disclaimer: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!)

As it isn't a traditional part of the original Celtic ogham, it is sometimes referred to as the "blank" ogham. (In runic traditions, the blank run is called "Wyrrd", representing the unknown or unknowable.)

Its associated with the element of air; its ruling planet is the sun, which is fitting because this is the turning point of the solar year. After Yule, the days begin to get longer.

Associated deities include Aengus Mac Og, Arianrhod, Brighid, Findlas, Macha and Odin.

Used as a decoration within the home, it's said to provide protection from lightning strikes, fire, misfortune and evil; placed on the headboard of your bed, it inspires beautiful dreams.

Source: my Druid friend Dryadia :)

Slainte mhor agus a huile beannachd duibh!
(Good health and every good blessing to you!)


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