07 December 2009

Ho-Ho-Ho and some Holiday Cheer

Well, it happens about once every couple of years. You know, the year you honestly wish Christmas wouldn't come and the Scoogeitude is upon you? Yep that's me this year. I decided several years ago, it would probably behoove me to only celebrate the holidays once every other year. More than that and it just seems a bit overwhelming. And it's not that I don't like Christmas. I do. From the first piece of garland to the last torn piece of wrapping paper as it goes into the trash. What it comes down to for me....it always seems to get here before you know it. The years are passing much more quickly that they used to.

Kid time has ceased to exist in my world. When exactly did that happen? You know what I mean. The way you'd wait all year long, through the muddy dripping Spring, the long dog days of Summer, the crisp burnt leaf smell of Autumn, for the first snow fall and ....oh.....yes....CHRISTMAS!!! It took forever to get here, and you were sure you'd expire from the wait alone. Not so much anymore.

Now, there aren't enough hours between New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve to get everything accomplished you'd intended throughout the year. Why is that? How did the world slip into some microcosim of time-space that has actually sped the year up? I don't understand. Check the atomic clocks! Are they still running properly? Did we all slip into some giant phonebooth ala Dr. Who and end up in some alternate world?
Help me understand why it is I'm still working on projects in December, I'd set out to finish last Jan. or Feb.

All right, time to take a breather.

Nope. That didn't work either.

And you know, on top of it all....I'm having to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year, because of after nearly 17 years at the same job...seniority means nothing and all the newbies got Christmas Day off and us old farts are forced to work it. Nice, huh? If that's not enough to turn someone into a Grinch, I don't know what is. So, the hubster and I will celebrate on the 26th this year. What? You thought I'd celebrate it early? No way. That would push me completely over the edge. And I haven't even started my shopping yet. Oh, and my birthday is at the end of the week, wherein I'll celebrate entering my mid-forties. Talk about a double-whammy.

Maybe, I'll put the tree up this week...or maybe I'll just slap reindeer antlers on the dog and call it good enough.

Sign me,

Frustrated in Frankenmuth

MK Mancos

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Carolan Ivey said...

[[reindeer antlers on the dog]] LOL!

We haven't put up decoration one, either. And I doubt it'll get done before Saturday, when I leave town for a week. Which will leave only a few days between when we get back and Christmas day to put up the tree. For my money it's not worth the effort. Light a few decorative candles and call it a day. :)