13 April 2007

Childhood reads

I was thinking about when I started reading paranormal and I started going back, way back. First, I thought about my teen years and two books that were very important to me, that I read and reread. Namely, John Wyndham's The Chrysallids and Phylliss Gottlieb's Sunburst. I won't get too far into the is-it-paranormal-or-not debate. Both of these could be named futuristics, though in my own mind I see them under the umbrella of paranormal. More importantly, both books have psi powers. This appealed to my teenaged self, though I did reread them as an adult and the stories held up well.

But, I realize, these are hardly the first paranormal-type books I read. I cut my teeth on The Wizard of Oz and its sequels (okay, fantasy), The Black Stallion series (with its time travel episodes, among other things), The Tripods series by John Christopher (okay, science fiction), and I can't not mention Lord of the Rings, although I do think of it as fantasy.

Anyway, I realize what I can't remember is when I read my first shapeshifter or werewolf. I would guess in a romance, but which romances I don't know, and it could well have been a fantasy, too. (I didn't read Anne Rice, btw.)

My personal tastes run towards shapeshifters, not sure why. Maybe it's simply because I'm not a night person! But when did you read your first vampire and/or shapeshifter. What teen or childhood reads were important to you?

(By the way, if you like futuristics, Angela James is giving away a digital copy of a soon-to-be-released futuristic, Forget About Tomorrow by Liz Kreger.)
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