20 April 2007

It's a big, big, paranormal world

k, I'm operating on about 1 hour of sleep here, so if I babble, I'll appologize now.

My paranormal leanings are fairly recent. Until, oh, about 2 years ago, I was strictly a fantasy/sci-fi girl with the odd historical romance tossed in for variety. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I was never a fan of vampires, weres or any usual suspects. In thinking about this, I wondered how I could love fantasy and magic and not care for the same types of story set in our own world.

I blame it on TV.

Ok, I can't completely blame it on TV. The truth is, I don't remember much paranormal TV or books geared towards teens. The 80's and early 90's were full of sitcoms and if there were any movies with para elements, my parents must not have let me near them. By the time Buffy, Angel and Charmed (among others) aired, I was too busy with college to watch much TV.

As for books, the problem might be that paranormal is generally shelved with romance, cause of course there's usually lots of hot nookie in them. Being a teenager, you don't want to be buying YA books (at least I didn't) and I felt...squicky...being infront of the romance shelves (I could borrow them from mum, but buying them was another story.)

Hopefully it'll be different for my kids. Buying books for them I see tons of stories with magic, faeries, etc, and paranormal has made itself known in a big way on the television and big screen. Hopefully it's not a fad, like a lot of people are saying.

So did I just miss out on all the good para TV as a kid? What were your first paranormal books/favorite movies?
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