12 April 2007

Confessions of a Cover Lover

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Warning! Brag blog to follow! Ok, not really, well, maybe a tad. And not on me, much, just on Anne Cain who gave me the lovely cover you see above. The Wolf's Heart is my first, but hopefully not my last, release from Samhain.

As the title indicates, it's about werewolves, but mine aren't the usual cursed ones who shy away from civilization, raising their fists to the heavens and bemoaning their fates. No, they live among humans, only leaving civilized society to shift and revel in the freedom of their other forms. I try to make them as normal in other ways as I can besides being a bit crazy. The heroine tells the hero, Marcus, to chill, all he has is a furry version of PMS. Oh yeah, he loves that, let me tell you. I love my werewolves and the way they interact with humans, fooling them into thinking they're normal without looking down on them. Marcus likes being a wolf, loves it in fact, but he doesn't think it makes him better, just different.

I love the idea of them existing right beneath our noses. The strange, the unknown living right around the corner or in a bayou or desert. Surely if magic or extraordinary exists, then the world can't be all bad, in theory anyway. I don't know what I'd actually do if confronted by a Were in real life, besides freak out. Unless, he looked like my hero in non-furry form, then, hey, I got plenty of ideas. *wiggles brows*

Some feel that a hero/heroine can’t like their powers. I don't really agree with that. I do know that absolute power can corrupt, and I make it so there is always a struggle to keep that from happening. If you have the strength of character to be the hero or heroine of the story, surely you can control your so-called darker side, or beast so that you don't go on a rampage and start killing everyone in sight. Hey, there's always politicians and lawyers and such for that, right? Just kidding, ok not really. *winks* But, really, if you had this awesome ability to turn into another thing, like a wolf, bear, or panther, wouldn't you love it too?

Jenna Leigh
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