09 April 2007

Maybe Paranormal is more normal than you think

What Is Paranormal?

Now, I know Bianca is going to be talking about this later, so I will leave the meaty stuff to her. Most of us nowadays, when we talk about paranormal, are thinking along the lines of Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts and the like.

Here, and I hope I'm not stepping on Bianca's blogtoes, I'd like to talk about what I call Paranormal Light.

What is Paranormal Light? It is something, I believe, that happens to all of us at least once in our lifetimes. Paranormal Light is often ignored, disbelieved and frequently not even noticed. Most times it is counted as coincidence, a mere accident, or, to be slightly more mystical, an act of Fate. Looking back over my life I've seen many of these moments, though I've tended not to realize until after the event. Though I'm learning now to recognize them.

I last experienced Paranormal Light only a few months ago. It was a bright, sunny November day. Everyone I knew was in a good mood, things in general seemed to going well, yet I couldn't shake my feeling of utter depression. I found out a week later, after lots of unanswered phone calls and emails, my mother had gone into hospital again. This time she didn't come out. The deep sense of loss I'd felt that day had warned me, prepared me in a way, for what was coming.

I've known other people have events like this too, like my friend, L, who felt impelled to follow a fire engine while driving to a business meeting one day. She ended up arriving at her house where the firemen were fighting a massive blaze—her husband, and her terrified children huddled on the sidewalk, were overjoyed to see her. Another friend, J, who flew regularly with no problems at all became so panicked before one particular flight she didn't dare board—only to find, later that night, the plane had crashed on landing, killing all on board.

Paranormal Light is the feeling, or the need to do something, that you wouldn't ordinarily have, and which can give wide ranging consequences. It can extend to something as simple as knowing when your child is hitting the cookie jar when you're upstairs unable to see, or "feeling" your cat waiting at the door for you to let him in.

Are these moments important, do they mean anything? I believe we should rejoice and encourage these, "abilities", and learn from them. Think of the healing and joy could we bring to others. It could be that a friend is constantly dominating our thoughts—if we call her we might find her crying over a recent tragedy in her life and by talking over the phone we give her hope and comfort. Or suppose we listen to that urge we feel to visit a friend, and on arriving become instrumental in smoothing over a trauma, whether big or small. From my own experience I have found these instances of Paranormal Light to be times where we are called on to be of joy or assistance to others, or as protection from accident or sometimes even evil in avoiding those that intend us harm. These are good things.

I love the paranormal world and all its various creatures. I'm sure my vampire society and my hero, Valencius, would bite me if I didn't. To me, though, paranormal has no limits other than the prejudices of the human mind. It can be as simple—or complicated—as life itself.

Spend some time looking back over your life, and see where you've been a part of Paranormal Light and rejoice that these wonderful connections exist. Sometimes, it can bring a great sense of freedom to let the Paranormal Light in.


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