02 April 2007


I'm always fascinated by my own ability to put aside everything I believe in to write a "ghost" story, for want of a better term. I'm one of the unbelievers. Gasp! Although I come from a long line of psychics (maybe they meant psychos?), my own psi abilities are laughable. I don't believe in no ghosts, vampires, werethings of any variety, aliens...name it, I'm a skeptic.
Ah, but I do struggle with my belief in the afterlife. So my books are often full of the divine--and I've been caught using the dreaded device of having a god or goddess sweep in and either mess things up or save the day.
Sometimes, I tread on dangerous ground. Holy ground. Saints who counsel sinners, ghosts bargaining with guardian angels (Ghosts of Key West coming soon). It's the Irish Catholic tongue-in-cheek part of me.
Recently, a certain "laughing" reviewer noted in her review of Mayan Nights that all five of the books she's read of mine are paranormal, and quite different from one another. I hadn't really tagged myself as a paranormal writer. I simply write things that interest me. The divine. Things beyond the veil. They don't bite, have no fur, perhaps a little magical power (I don't do magick with a "k"). My fantasies are paranormal (all fantasies are not paranormal of course).
Thus, after three years of figuring out what the common thread in my writing is--I had to wait for a reviewer to point it out to me: erotic paranormal romance. And the "not norm" part of paranormal suits me fine. I've always felt a certain "otherness" in my life, even though I don't
see dead people. But I'd like to!
I'm not really going anywhere with this post am I? Just a wee introduction to Ciar Cullen.
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