03 August 2007

Best Werewolf Movies

I don't like scary movies. I love werewolf movies. I like vampires, too, but that's not today's topic.

Ghosts? Uh-uh. No sir. Those are scary. Because there is this .0001% of me that believes they might possibly exist, I can’t handle them. Why aren’t they where they belong? There’s nothing more they can do here. You’re dead – Get ye gone!

But vampires and werewolves – since they don’t exist, they can’t scare me.

When Underworld came out, I nearly passed out with glee.

I laughed and giggled all the way through Cursed, where this chick (Christina Ricci) and her brother get bitten because the werewolf thinks she’ll make a good mate. Right until she stabs him with a silver pie server. That’s priceless.

An American Werewolf in London? The ultimate Horror-Comedy. A laugh a minute. An American Werewolf in Paris was funny, but not dark enough.

I hooted my way through Dog Soldiers, too. Gruesome, gory fun. Look! A leg!

And really, who could hate a movie called Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf. Yeah, it’s bad. Cheesy, awful bad. But still. You have to give them points for the title. Also, Christopher Lee is in it. He’s just so…so…Christopher Lee!

Wolf, with Jack Nicholson and James Spader had some truly fun moments. James Spader is sneakily sexy – and never more so with glowing golden eyes.

Silver Bullet – well, there just aren’t that many great Stephen King movies. And I’m too big a fraidy-cat to read his books, so I have to take my King where I can get him. The creepy preacher/werewolf loses an eye to a kid in a wheelchair with a Roman Candle. And who ever imagined Anne of Green Gables in a horror flick?

Teen Wolf is the other side of the coin from I Was a Teenage Werewolf. There’s no pair of movies more diametrically opposed. From Michael Landon’s classmates going “Eeek! It’s a werewolf!” to Michael J. Fox’s classmates going “Oooh! Back hair turns me on!” Both prizewinners. Though if you’re smart, you’ll skip the painfully unfunny Teen Wolf 2. Ouch.

The only one of these I haven’t seen, though I’d love to, is Blood and Chocolate. Reviews say it’s a beautiful film and I’m looking forward to catching it someday.

All these films, in all their varying levels of brilliance and cheesiness, however, pay homage to the ultimate werewolf classic, The Wolf Man. Lon Chaney Jr is the tragic hero, transformed by a Gypsy curse, doomed to destroy those he loves. It’s a fantastic bit of movie magic, especially as Chaney carries on his father’s gift of being able to transform himself into a creature of the night. Must See Movie.

What's on your list of Must See Werewolf Movies?
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