21 August 2007

Samhain New Releases, August 21

A good day for sf/f and paranormal fans at Samhain! Three releases with speculative elements today:

"Serati's Flame" by T. J. Michaels
Genre: Red Hots!, Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel
Cover art by Anne Cain
For two Seekers of justice, hunting rogues is dangerous business. But not as dangerous as their yearning for each other.

"To Summon A Demon" by Kim Knox
Genre: Horror Romance, Fantasy Romance
Length: Short Story
A Demon is on the loose. And it’s bad to the bone.

"Father of Dragons" by Emily Veinglory
Genre: Gay-Lesbian, Fantasy-SciFi
Length: Category
One grieving man is forced to uphold an ancient bargain—by giving birth to a dragon. If only life were that simple.


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