15 August 2007

Joely Skye

I write paranormal novels under a second name, Joely Skye. At this point in my career, I'm not entirely sure branding my stories with two pen names, to distinguish between m/f and m/m romances, was the best choice. But when I began, and my two stories (Haven and Monster) were so entirely different, it seemed like a good idea.

My Joely Skye stories are gay romance and tend to be darker. They're also paranormal, at least to date. My three novellas starring heroes Josh and Kir are coming out in paperback next week, August 21. And I had to share my beautiful cover by the amazing Vanessa.

Here's the blurb:
Josh Mackay is hired to bring in Kiran Brunner, a Minder with the psychic ability to manipulate and kill. But Kir has been abused by the agency that wants him back and he’ll do anything to escape.

Josh Mackay’s job is to lure Kiran Brunner to a safe house. That part’s easy. The boy—Minder or no—is beautiful and surprisingly naive. Hunted by those who want to harm him, Kir doesn’t recognize Josh’s trap until it is almost too late.

Kir gets his hooks in Josh and when his job is done, Josh cannot walk away. Not only because of what Kir is, but because of why the agency wants Kir back. Josh wants above all to protect Kir. But Josh doesn’t know if that’s the right thing to do, or if he’s unknowingly succumbed to the Minder’s control.

Kir knows better than to fall hard for a new enemy, but it doesn’t stop him from wanting, needing and loving Josh. However, Kir may not be able to save Josh, and himself, from those who wish them harm. The time will come when Kir is forced to use his powers against the agency to bring Josh back to safety, whether Josh trusts him or not.

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