07 August 2007

Samhain New Release -- August 7

While there are several releases from Samhain today, since I'm posting at Beyond the Veil, I have to admit the following new release caught my eye:

"The Sword Lord" by Robert Leader: http://samhainpublishing.com/books/the-sword-lord
Fantasy-SciFi Novel
ISBN: 1-59998-173-4
Cover Art by Anne Cain

A planet faces destruction. An ancient Indian kingdom is doomed to the same fate. The solution to both troubles lies in the Law of the Sword.

They came from Dooma, the fifth planet in the solar system. A planet destined to destroy itself in the holocaust war. They came in separate expeditions, each one seeking refuge on the third planet, the only other inhabitable body. They came in the dawn of time, when the Earth was young, to discover an ancient India, where the kingdom of Karakhor fought its own deathly struggle with the massed forces of Maghalla and their allies of sub-human tribes.

So begins a love story: for Kananda, the First Prince of Karakhor and Zela, his golden-haired goddess from the stars—and for his sister, Maryam, the rebellious princess fated to love and be loved by Raven, blue-skinned Sword Lord of Ghedda.


Jody W.
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