29 August 2007

Blue Moon

I'm wondering what's up with Hollywood and its prediliction with making werewolves out to be the bad guy. It all began with Lon Chaney Jr and continued with An American Werewolf in London which was an anti-tourist movie if ever I saw one. Stay home Americans, or this will happen to you! Then there was The Howling franchise, the second of which was just an excuse to give Christopher Lee a job, which is a great reason to do a movie! I love him! He's a wonderful actor. But another reason seemed to be to show Sybil Danning naked, and here's a word from the wise, it's a great view, but it only lasts a few minutes in the 'oohh' category before heading straight into 'ewww!' ville. That's a warning that my male cousins didn't have, yeah, I knew about it, but didn't tell them.

Underworld was slightly better (not really) with vamps against the werewolves, but still, everyone was bad in that movie, especially the acting. Cursed totally whimped out by making me think one thing the entire time then, taking it away at the end. And Christina Ricci's head is ginormous, so, she'd have made a goofy looking weregurrl, anyway. If I'd have been Pacey, I'd have stuck with that blonde Scott Baio lovin chick, at least she knows good actors when she sees them.

So, I was hoping that with the new movie Skinwalkers they'd give me some furries to love. Or at least give us a great Native American history lesson. No.. and um, no. Blood, guns, bullets, bikers and sex. Heck, I can go to Samhain right now, and pick out any paranormal shifter book and get 20 times the entertainment out of the first chapter than I got from this movie.

Now I know what some will say it's all about the beast within, the big bad wolf and yeah yeah I remember the Duran Duran 80's lupine love song, Hungry Like the Wolf. But seriously folks, can't we try to get along with our furry brethren? Wolves are pack animals, they like to be friends. Werewolves are the same thing, albeit with bigger teeth, and the attititudes , personalities and egos of the meanest mammals on the planet--man. But like any canine, they can be loyal, lovable and big hearted.

Werewolves are maligned, misquoted, and even mistreated with silver poisoning but has anyone called PETA to help them? No! Not that I'd want Pam Anderson near any of my werewolves. I'm not sure she'd survive. And no, I'm not talking about the males, I do have females in the pack. Hmm, I wonder if silicon can be digested by were-stomachs? I'll ask SJ, I bet he'll know.
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