09 October 2007

Coming Attraction: First Annual BTV Samhain Round Robin!

The Beyond the Veil cauldron is bubbling, and starting Oct. 19 we'll be bringing you the first annual BTV Samhain round robin story!

S.J. Willing will lead off across the moat (tossing at least one tourist into the water in order to get past the very real resident Nessie - just pray it's not you) to Dunvegas, the Las Vegas strip's most mysterious casino/resort. Dunvegas isn't for the faint of heart - it caters to the preternatural crowd. And soon it will be hosting ParaExpo 2007, the world's biggest paranormal trade show.

When you get that many hot, sexy vamps, weres, dragons and who knows what else in one location, buying and selling everything from custom-made coffins to dragon scale conditioning cream to marital aids for the ectoplasmically impaired, it's anyone's guess what will happen!

So starting Oct. 19, check in for a new installment, culminating in a FREE compilation download on Oct. 31, the BTV's Samhain holiday gift to you!

Have fun - we plan to!

Carolan Ivey
BTV Dungeonmistress
Graphic courtesy Bianca D'Arc
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