16 October 2007

Samhain New Release -- October 16

Forgot to tell you guys about the week's paranormal offerings at Samhain ! There's only one release with speculative elements, but check it out, it looks very romantic:

"The Enchanted Inn" by Pam Champagne
Genre: Romantic Time Travel Novella
ISBN: 1-59998-624-8
Publication Date: October 16, 2007

A glass of wine sends them back in time. But only one of them remembers who they are.

It’s bad enough that a wrong turn in a snowstorm forces Gina to take shelter at an out-of-the-way inn. Her ex-fiancĂ© Luke is stranded there, too. The man she left when she caught him in bed with another woman.

A glass of wine at dinner, and Gina wakes up in a bed with Luke by her side. It’s the same inn, but it’s the year 1778 and Luke insists his name is John. And he says she’s an indentured servant, Rachel.

Gina has to quickly learn primitive tasks like dip candles and cook without a microwave. While John is delighted that his normally reserved lover has become a wildcat in bed, her outspoken opinions could put them all in danger.

For Gina, it’s like a second chance with Luke. But when an innocent mistake turns their newly discovered love upside down, Gina realizes how big a mistake she made when she left Luke.
Gina never gives up hope of going back to her own time, and she’s determined to take John with her—whether he wants to go or not.


Jody W.
A SPELL FOR SUSANNAH--Winter 2008, Samhain Publishing
http://www.jodywallace.com/ * http://meankittybox.blogspot.com/
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