11 October 2007

Help With Movie Names

I figure my interest in shapeshifters, particularly wolves and cougars, started early. There are two movies from my childhood and I'd love to know what they were named. So, does anyone recognize either of these movies? They were probably released in the 70s.

  1. My recall on this one is very thin. Nevertheless. The movie starts and a cougar is being hunted down. They manage to tree the cougar and it's not looking good for the big cat. Then the movie flashes back and most of it is about how they reached this point in time (and why, I suppose.) Now, I think this was a Disney movie and the cougar survives, but I'm not sure.
    • Opening has a wolf on the run from a helicopter or low flying plane. She's shot. :(
    • Trapper/man of the north/burly oldish guy finds 3-5 orphaned wolf pups and raises them. Grown wolves eventually leave man and make their way in the wild. Man is kinda lonely.
    • At the end the man is attacked by a bear. Out of the blue, the wolves appear to save the man's life. (I found this scene powerful at the time.)
    • No doubt other stuff happened or it would have been quite a short film.
So, any takers? Does anyone remember seeing movies of this sort?
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