25 October 2007

13 Things about the Dunvegas Hotel and Casino

Thirteen Things about the Dunvegas Hotel and Casino

1) Dunvegas is located at the site of the former Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino when Dunvegas's owner and backers hounded the unfortunate Mandalay Bay folks out of town -- perhaps literally, as in when they were in canine form. Puts a new spin on "nipping at their heels".

2) Dunvegas is owned by the mysterious Mr. Fritz, mastermind and evil wizard extraordinaire....at least when the ParaPleasures Convention begins. By the time the fifth annual wkpo is over, Mr. Fritz may or may not have received his comeuppance!

3) Dunvegas has a set of stables hidden below the parking garage, even though it is located on the Vegas Strip -- how else are you going to provide comfortable accomodations for centaurs and randy stallion shifters? However, the stables have the reputation of being a bit...damned.

4) Dunvegas has over 3000 luxurious rooms, most soundproofed enough to muffle the noise of an angry dragon, a werewolf's howl or a gnome party. Well, maybe not the gnome party. That's what management gets most of the noise complaints about.

5) Dunvegas boasts the best steakhouse on the Strip, according to local sources. What else would you expect from a restaurant frequented by vamps, shifters of all stripes, and really picky succubi? (Of course...it also serves Rat on a Stick.)

6) Dunvegas hosts an annual ParaPleasures Convention, devoted to all things that bring pleasure to the paranormals that hide in plain sight among us. This includes but isn't limited to Turn Me On and Deathly Buzzings Marital Aids, horticultural creations, massages, chocolate, leather apparel (which can be custom made from your enemies!), and catnip goodies of all types.

7) When it's in need of additional security, Dunvegas management contracts the best help in the business: PMS. No, that doesn't mean hormonal women with guns, that means the Paranoramal and Magical Security company.

8) Dunvegas's primary attraction on par with the dragon show at the Excalibur (contracted from Dunvegas), the pirate ship at Treasure Island or the fountains at the Bellagio is a gigantic aquarium featuring a kraken and merfolk who engage in some very interesting activities. Tourists are amazed at the lifelike qualities of the "animatronics"!

9) In addition to slots and table games, Dunvegas has another game section that includes lifesize chess, a video arcade, a small bowling alley, and an S&M dungeon.

10) Dunvegas provides a unique shopping experience for the adventurous consumer. Their retail stores include Bondage Boutique, The Chocolate Cave, Clothes for Nerds and Norms, Haunting Melodies, Sirenne Day and Night Spa, The Smoking Dragon, Wand Emporium, CurseMart, Nightshades, and others.

11) Dunvegas slots and table games are strictly monitored to prevent manipulation from magic spells, luck charms, vampiric hypnotism, Jedi mind tricks, and other invisible assistance. Play with confidence!

12) Dunvegas is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against the normal or noncorporeal.

13) Dunvegas, in case you hadn't guessed, is an entirely fictional creation by Samhain Publishing authors Sela Carsen, Ember Case, Bianca D'Arc, Carolan Ivey, Jenna Leigh, Jody Wallace, SJ Willing and Xakara. Come see what they have in store for you!


Jody Wallace
A SPELL FOR SUSANNAH--Winter 2008, Samhain Publishing
http://www.jodywallace.com * http://meankittybox.blogspot.com

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