09 October 2007

Vive La October!

October is the beginning of a dark and dangerous time. Most transitional periods are, whether in life, love or finances. However this is nature we're talking about and it means that Warmth is leaving the Earth, and Cold is taking it's place.
In most parts of the world the plants and animals are busily readying themselves for the biting chill of winter. The leaves have turned red and gold, showing the world that final bit of flirty color before they fall to the ground to be swept into trash bags. Afterward, the trees stretch their bare branches towards the sky as if in supplication for the return of it's lost love, Spring.
The animals eat whatever food is available and either go to ground to hibernate through the cold or try and find a good den so they can continue to find whatever goodies they can grab. Hibernating seems like the best bet, heck, I know I could sleep for months on end given the chance.
So, what's so special about October? Records show it's always been a high birth month. This could just mean that a lot of folks failed to keep their New Years resolution not indulge in unprotected sex pretty quickly (take that any way you want), but I like to look back to find another deeper reason.
In the old days, during the Winter, humans were stuck shivering in their huts from November until about March. They were cold and very, very bored until a wise (and horny) soul thought showing his wife that the 'serf' was up would be a great way to keep warm. Talk about hangin' ten. *coughs*
Fast forward nine months or so later and it's October--Autumn. The harvesting is all done, and Earth is just beginning its preparation for winter to make the world go through it's slow death once more. However, as a result of last Winter's Sex-olympics, something is about to happen. And it does, after lots of pain, messiness and way too many cuss words for this blog--ta daaaa! the couple brings forth life, thus breaking up the cycle of Death, Renewal and Death. I honestly think that's what humans were put on Earth to do, mess up the works, just a little. It keeps old Mother Nature on her toes.
Then again, this could whole post could just be the semi-egotistical ramblings of an October Baby permanently stuck on Day Light Savings time. You be the judge.
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