22 October 2007

Of Geeks and Gods

A coworker and I were talking the other night about her new beau. "He's a geek," she said rather apologetically. "I love geeks!" I said. (I believe this came out more like a squeal than an actual sentence.) I'm unrepentant. And yes, even though I write about those tasty alpha-males, why can't an alpha have the mind and soul of a geek?

To me there is nothing sexier than I man who can carry on an intelligent conversation about nanobots, interstellar travel and quantum mechanics. Or more importantly know what I mean when I throw out a rather obscure Star Trek reference. My husband is often throwing out some little tidbit of information about well, just about every subject you can imagine. Brains can be incredibly sexy. Think about it. It's where the chemical reactions occur that make us feel euphoria - or that light-headed rush when we see, hear or smell something that excites us.

I think most of my heroes are geeks in alphas clothing. It gives a character more depth to have him look good with his shirt off and be able to quote the Theory of Relativity and actually understand what it's about. Or to get excited about a newly discovered star. But intelligence doesn't have to come in just the futuristic/sci-fi package. It can also be the portrayal of a hot historian or my God...like Sam Neil's rendition of a paleontologist in Jurassic Park. Yummy! (Of course, Jeff Goldblum's Chaos theory really made me want to look closer at that particular discipline.)

Now that I've pontificated on the geek as sex symbol angle, perhaps I should explain how it fits into the paranormal. Well, really I have only two words: Fox Mulder.

All right...raise your hands if you tuned in every week to watch the antics of Mulder and Scully to drool over David Duchovny searching for the truth that was out there, or chasing some weirded out creature through swamps, deserts, or --egads-- sewers. There's just something about a guy in a suit spouting some obscure Native American legend that clicks with me. Tasty.

So, my friend shows me a picture of her beau. Not only is the man a geek but he's gorgeous. I rest my case.

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