28 October 2007

Klahdaghoscopes Oct 28th 2007

Welcome to another week of Klahdaghoscopes. May love, health and prosperity rule your lives.


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Work: Etoi - The Woman. Work will be undergoing an invigorating change. You'll find renewed energy to help you cope with the bourgeoning ideas and new contracts/tasks you've been lined up to do. There may be a merging of some sort, or a new member to your team.
Love: Vali - The Window. Looking ahead in your relationships has a favorable turn for this week. Don't be afraid to plan for the future, but while you do so do it with a detached awareness of your partner (or future partner) since their plans may not follow the same path as yours.
Weath: Nyi - The Void. Lots of things are happening behind the scenes this week and not much of it in your favor. Keep your head down and your opinions to yourself until you can figure out what the Hell is going on. Not a good week to take chances financially.

Work: Colmiga - The West King. Distancing yourself from events and colleagues this week might be necessary to make a fair judgement call on a plan or problem that is occurring at work. Don't try to take sides, this will lead to disaster.
Love: Telora- The West Page. Take a look at your relationships from the outside, as an observer. Things might not be quite what you think they are.
Wealth: Shax - The Axe. A clearing of paths. This is a good time to make strides with investments and other financial plans. Clear away any conflicting policies and get it all wrapped up in one easy package.

Work: Lianch - The South Page. Communication with those in authority is indicated this week. Don’t underestimate yourself, you are well able to deal with things.
Love: Sleti - The Ear of Wheat. This is a time of patience. Bide your time and don't rush things and love and all its rewards will come to you in due time.
Wealth: Kelm - The Time of Spring. Look out for changes and new opportunities. When they come you will have to snatch them before they wither away.

Work: Pice - The Kite. Flexibility and adaptability are essential regarding your work plans this week. On the other hand there are also ample opportunities to develop your creative side. This should be a fun week.
Love: Kwa - The Cow. Nurture and care for yourself and your family/friends this week and the love will grow.
Wealth: Kle - The Babe. Time to sit back and relax, financial plans and money will be coming into line and you'll be able to bask in the knowledge of a job well done.

Work: Banil - The Ring. Be wary of who you talk over your plans with this week. Someone is using your words against you.
Love: Delg - The Cage. You may be feeling hedged in or held back by your loved ones this week. Take what opportunities you can to find some free space for yourself. Don't let them limit your choices.
Wealth: Chon - The Tomb. Things seem to be changing when it comes to your livelihood. Don't worry about it, you'll be moving on to better things.

Work: Jhud - The East Page. Good news is forthcoming in the workplace, and there's a chance to look back over your efforts and reap the praise.
Love: Phel - Element of the Storm. Events and people will bring you closer to your loved ones this week. This is a good time for family gatherings and outings.
Wealth: Velinus - The East King. A time of prosperity. Things are going well, enjoy it while it lasts.

Work: Comniga - The West King. Time to get the thinking cap on and really think deep about the latest problems at work. The obvious answer is too superficial and will only delay the solution, so take your time and get it right this time.
Love: Chobe - The Time of Summer. Take time to share you life and loves with your partner and those you love around you. Find new things together and experiment with life to reap its benefits.
Wealth: Pice - The Kite. Freedom, creativity and an openness of plans. Go enjoy yourself.

Work: Tiall - The Scroll. This is a good time to learn from those who are more experienced than you. If offered a chance for training or a course, go for it.
Love: Lieg - The Cat. Curiosity and patience at juxtaposition with each other. Don't rush into things and if you feel there's a problem in your relationships make sure you look into thoroughly before jumping to conclusions or making any decisions.
Wealth: Ematis - The West Queen. This is a time of opulence, luxury generosity and magnificence. Enjoy.

Work: Brica - The Element of Fire. Work may be difficult this week. You may have to make a stand for getting your due or making policy fair and just.
Love: Etoi - The Woman. A time of fertility and healing. Damaged relationships will come back together, and those trying for a child should see their efforts rewarded very soon.
Wealth: Amb - The Cup. Finances may be a little confused. Find someone you can trust who can give you a bit of advice but don't relinquish control of the money. Make the final decision yours.

Work: Kamen - The North King. Overtime and extra hours are necessary to protect your position and projects. Hard work is needed to overcome the plans of a rival.
Love: Cisica - The North Queen. A loving and loyal partner will be your joy and haven this week. Treasure them, they are precious.
Wealth: Fatala - The Time of Winter. Hardship and industry, you will need to work hard to make a living this week, but things will ease up towards the end and family companionship will help you through.

Work: Delg - The Cage. Feeling cornered and trapped, try not to struggle too much, these sensations will change soon as you adapt to the new colleagues and events in your life.
Love: Elant - The Sword. You are in control of your life at them moment, the ultimate decisions are yours and friends and family will abide by them. Choose wisely.
Wealth: Mga - The Sun. Fortune brings good surprises and windfalls to you this week. Time to celebrate.
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