26 January 2008

Big changes afoot!

Dear readers,

You may have noticed there are quite a few new authors' covers over in the sidebar. That's because starting Feb. 1, the authors of the Fantasy and Enchantment blog will be merging with Beyond the Veil! We're all terribly excited and happy to have these fabulous authors on board. They are: Dayna Hart, Gia Dawn, Jean Marie Ward, Melissa Lopez, and Rebecca Goings. Christine Norris, another Samhain author, will be joining us as well.

The new merged blog will still be called "Beyond the Veil" and for now we're not moving anywhere. The only noticable difference will be that our tagline is going to change to reflect the change in focus, from "just" paranormal, to paranormal and fantasy.

Each author will be blogging roughly once a month, with a lot more wiggle room in the schedule for guest bloggers, contests, special projects, whatever strikes our fancy.

Also, while I'm at it, I hope you'll join me in welcoming back S.J. Willing! S.J.'s been offline for a little while as he deals with moving to a new house and all that goes with it. We've missed him terrible and overjoyed to have him - and Agent Double D3 - back in rotation!

Well, I've got to get back to adding rooms to the BtV Castle Keep. The faeries are all going to want corner chambers. Hmm, I think the stables will need to be expanded as well - all those dragons moving in, ya know. *sigh* So much to do! Must make a note to call in the Kilted Construction Crew to help out...

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