17 January 2008

Tbr piles

Awhile back, I did a Thursday Thirteen that listed books on my tbr pile. I got curious to see if I'd read many, if any, of them. So I thought I'd revisit.

  1. Magic Bites Ilona Andrews—still want to read, though I did try once.
  2. Blood Bound Patricia Briggs—absolutely adored
  3. Lover Revealed JR Ward—read, it was fine
  4. Fire Logic Laurie J. Marks—must try again
  5. No Great Mischief Alastair MacLeod—unread
  6. The Fox Sherwood Smith—unread
  7. Riding the Storm Sydney Croft—unread
  8. Pale Immortal Anne Frasier—read, well written but too hard on the characters :(
  9. Stray Rachel Vincent—unread
  10. The Outback Stars Sandra McDonald–like!
  11. Not Quite a Lady Loretta Chase—unread
  12. One Forbidden Evening Jo Goodman—like!
  13. Mistress of the Art of Life and Death Ariana Franklin—started, but couldn't focus, want to pick up again when I can concentrate better
So, hmmm, 5 out of 13 doesn't seem to great. And 5 I didn't touch. So given that, I still have 7 up there I should add 5 more, I figure.

1. Iron Kissed Patricia Briggs
2. The Hell You Say Josh Lanyon
3. Lover Unbound JR Ward
4. If His Kiss is Wicked Jo Goodman
5. The Spymaster's Lady Joanna Bourne

So how are you tbr piles doing? Getting through any of the books? I find if a book stays on the pile too long, it never gets read, which is a bit of shame since I must have been excited about it at some point.
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