05 January 2008

Haunted Disney

Life in Florida has quite a few things going for it. The surf (only a few miles from our door); the weather (usually warm and sunny, despite this weeks brief dip into the 20's); the people (also usually warm and sunny - it must rub off from the weather).

And living right up the road from Orlando can mean some great last-minute vacations. When the hubby suggested we take the kids to Disney World for the weekend, it was only a few days planning instead of a half-way round the country excursion.

We're here, and there's really something for everyone in Disney. The rides. The food (if you've never splurged for the Dining Plan, I highly recommend it - yum!). The look of joy in my kids faces, especially my daughter when she was hugged by five princesses in five minutes. We even peaked at Ariel's feet to see if she had feet or fins!

Like any good vacation spot, Disney World has a haunting story or two. While the rumors of Walt Disney's remains being cryogenically frozen are good for a laugh (he was truly cremated two days after his death, and his remains interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery), there are other tingly stories to keep visitors on their toes while at the parks.

A few hours from now we'll be on the Pirates of the Caribbean. I'll be keeping my eyes open for George while we're there. He is supposedly a construction worker killed during the building of the park. Legend has it that if the cast members fail to start his day off right he'll cause the ride to randomly stop during the day.

There's a little girl of unknown origin who wanters near Spaceship Earth in Epcot. We spent about5 hours in the area last nigh (Mission SPACE is a fantastic experience!), but had no sightings. I'll look again today when we're there during brighter times.

And finally there are rumors of a ghost near MGM's Tower of Terror. We'll be stopping by the area later today - I'll be sure to have my eyes open!

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