30 January 2008

Jenn's Addiction

People always seem to ask me the same question in chats, or interviews, "What inspires you to write your stories?" Though, sometimes, I get the feeling what they want to ask is, "What in the heck are you smoking?" After thinking about it, though, I've realized that I am an addict of sorts and what I'm jonesin' for is books, movies, and music, and here lately, I've figured out that I am even a little bit of a television-phile. But like many, I never knew what I had until it was gone. *sniffles*

Movies(and television to a certain extent) are pure visual escapism where I can just watch the story unfold. It's harder for me to do that if the movie in question is based on a book I've already read. My brain can't mesh the book/movie versions and I end up frustrated instead of happy. Although, a hot hunkolicious man in the lead role doesn't hurt my feelings any.

Books have been my friends for over thirty years. I'm a total book-hewoor. If you have a book, you may not want to lend it to me. While I won't hurt it, there is the chance that I will think of it as my own once I've taken it into my bookcave to fondle, er.. I mean read.

A truly great song can carry me heights of happiness and fling me to the pits of despair from one chorus to the next. My tastes are eclectic, from metal, classical, to hiphop and yes, I know you're surprised to hear it, even the pure sweet twang of a sad country song. While this one is the most conducive to my creativity as I can listen to it while writing, it can distract me as well, so I have to strike a precarious balance between feeding my addictions and working.

Of course, when all the others pale, there is always that old standby....


*pauses for a moment of silence*

Whatever your addiction is, feed it every once in a while, because indulging yourself can be a great way to fuel your creativity.

Happy Wednesday and Happy Writing,

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