19 January 2008

Visited from beyond?

I heard a news brief on NPR this week that caught my imagination (link includes audio of the story NPR aired).

"UFO Sightings Stream In from Texas Townsfolk"
Dozens of a small towns residents saw a large (bigger than a Walmart) object hovering overhead. The locals seem pretty calm about it all - no reports of abductions! - and the federal government is doing its best to spread the word that it was a natural occurance, such as light playing off an airplane flying by, or reflecting into clouds.

People around the world have chimed in with their theories, some curious and some openly mocking. The Washington Post ran an unscientific poll asking if people believed it was truly a UFO - so far, 60% vote yes.

I'm curious. I believe they saw something - too many reports with matching descriptions of size, speed, and sound. But was it a UFO?

Why not? I don't think we're alone. If we're looking for them, why shouldn't they be looking for us? My biggest question is what will happen when they say hello.

What do you think? Were we visited this week in Stephenville? What is going to happen when that contact is made?
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