07 January 2009

2009 Goals

It's that time of the year. Again.



Call it what you like, its the month we all look forward and say to ourselves, "What am I going to do this year? What can I change to make myself/my life better?"

I stopped resolving a few years ago. What did it matter? I never met my resolutions. But this year I resolved to resolve and sat down and wrote out some things I would like to accomplish.

I read this great blog post by JA Konrath on resolutions. Basically he said you can't make goals that are out of your hands. For instance, I can't say I want to sign a multi-million dollar deal with Penguin by December 31, 2009. That's unrealistic and something totally out of my hands. I can, however, tell myself that I will submit to Penguin by December 31, 2009 (not that I'm really going to submit to Penguin, but that multi-million dollar deal does sound nice, doesn't it?).

I've also discovered that if I make my goals public, then there's more pressure on me to meet them. So here they are, for everyone to see. And I beg you, hold me accountable. Throw tomatoes at me if I don't at least give the appearance of working toward them.

1. To finish/polish my RS and my paranormal and submit them to my editor NO LATER than March 1st.

2. I would like to sell to Silhouette Romantic Suspense so my goal this year is to finish revising an older RS I wrote a while ago and submit it to Silhouette Romantic Suspense (sometime between March and June 1)

3. Write Shane's story and submit to editor (after June 1)

4. LOSE WEIGHT! I know this is a cliche for this time of year, but I really, really need to lose some weight. I'm keeping my goal small - 10 pounds. Just enough so my clothes fit better and I feel better about myself. If I achieve that, maybe I'll set another, smaller goal. I won't set a time limit on this one.

5. Earn enough in royalties in 2009 to buy an elliptical machine. I'm hoping by June. And just as an added incentive I have this picture posted on my iGoogle page so I see it every time I log

So. What are your goals for 2009?
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