29 January 2009

13 Story Ideas I Can't Decide Between

Here's the situation. I'm waiting on my agent to get back to me on my latest completed projects, and in the meantime I don't know what to write next. There are several stories burning a hole in my pocket, so I'm not devoid of inspiration, I just don't know where to constructively apply my time. Once my agent gets back to me, that will help me focus on whichever project we mutually agree has the most potential, but until then I don't want to waste one single day. I only get two a week (when the toddler is at the sitter) and I already burned one this week because both kids stayed home on a snow day.

Needless to say I accomplished less than nothing on that day, which was, incidentally, today, and which is, incidentally, why I'm posting my Johnny Come Lately blog entry at nearly midnight.

But I have tomorrow to myself and...tick tock!

Have you ever been in a position where several projects interest you but you can't settle on one? If my projects didn't take as long, I wouldn't be as reluctant to dive in, but there's that aforementioned two days a week thing that curtails my speed. And it's better than it used to be--until September of last year I got zero days a week.

So I thought I'd put it to a vote or at least solicit opinions. Here are 13 potential stories I could write next. In the comments, you can tell me which one you'd rather read!

1) Take a contemporary romance novella and turn it into a novel that would be a (wonderful) cross between romantic comedy, erotic romance and Southern fiction. This one's at the top of the list because I just finished the novella last week but it probably needs to percolate before I revise it so drastically.

2) Expand the short I sent my agent several months ago into a single title--premise is a dream guardian thing where the standard (or not so standard) secret organization goes around saving the world from monsters created by dreams.

3) Work on my vampire premise I call "My Big Fat Undead Twenty Year High School Reunion" where the heroine, a vamp, is pretty damn sure she'll earn that coveted "Least Changed" award.

4) Work on this dragon/mom lit idea I had where a mom and her two kids escaped a parallel dimension full of bad dragons to come here, only to find perhaps they were followed.

5) Another vampire idea, probably a short, featuring a world half overrun with vamps and the heroine grudgingly enrolling in a vampire self defense training program which I suspect has been infiltrated by those wily bloodsuckers.

6) An erotic (maybe) romance set in an adult school for wizards with a heroine getting a late start in the whole training part of wizardry.

7) A short piece of absolute smut that occurs during a midnight traffic jam after the interstate shuts down due to ice.

8) The sequel to my novel Survival of the Fairest that my editor has gently hinted she would sure like to read.

9) Finish the werewolf story about Harry the rebellious, non-pack joining were and his ladyfriends in the tea room I started at another blog. Problem: it didn't seem to want to be a romance, and I know romance sells better.

10) A futuristic erotic (maybe) road trip story where powerful mages rely on regular people to transport them across the badlands via nonmagical means else the wild magic will seek them out and destroy them.

11) Another futuristic erotic (maybe) roadtrip -- I never know if they're going to be erotic until I start writing them and the characters get hot and bothered -- set in an arctic area where the hero has to fetch his best friend's sister from school and transport her safely down the "ice road" while getting hunted by bad guys from the military (he's on leave).

12) Two elderly lesbian ladies who realize that the place they buried one of their husbands (after they maybe sort of killed the bastard) is about to be dug up for a mall parking lot. Yeah, I know! Why haven't I already written it? Because I have ideas 1-11 tempting me too.

13) And last but not least, a story that takes place in DunVegas about a huge magic show that may--or may not--change the whole world!


Jody W.
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