30 January 2009

Future destination...

While I haven't read one in ages, I used to love time travel romance. Usually the plot involved the heroine going to the past...falling in love...bringing the hero back to the future where they lived happily ever after. Simplistic synopsis, true, but it was a popular theme with few variations.

Reading such a story often made me wonder: Would I go back into the past if I could? Where? When? And how long would it take me to miss the modern conveniences of life?

If we're talking indoor plumbing and computers, not long.

It's funny, however, that years later I'd be hard-pressed to tell you the title of even one of those stories. I've racked my brain...but nothing. I do remember a few movies that used such a plot. One in particular: "Somewhere in Time" was my favorite for years. More recently I've come to adore the more action-packed version of the time travel plot in movies such as: "Deja Vu" and "Next" -- both excellent movies, btw. (Denzel Washington??? Enough said.)

But back to my original questions... Would I want to go to the past or future? If so, where and when? If I had the choice, would I stay?

I'm still pondering, in truth. While I think the slower pace of the past is appealing, I also deeply appreciate such things as refrigerators, indoor bathrooms, television, eBooks and print books for the masses. Not to mention wonderful REVIEWS. (GGG)

I suppose, in the end, it would depend on my potential hero. For me, it's always about the romance. ;)

But what do you think? If you could time travel, what would be your destination?
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