09 January 2009

Looking forward to a new year.

Welcome to 2009 everyone, and I hope it’s a good one for reading and writing. Personally, I have two additional Watcher books coming out this year as well as the print version of book one, Midnight Reborn, releasing March 31, 2009. I am anxiously waiting to have my first ever book signing.

Another event I am anxiously awaiting is the Lori Foster’s event the first weekend of June in Ohio. I attended last year for the first time and knew I’d make a point to be back the next year. So, if you can, catch me there, as well more romance authors than you can shake a stick at!

Last year was a very exciting time for me, stepping into the shoes of being a published author and experiencing the joy of having my first ever book release. I was blessed to end 2008 with another release. Midnight Rose, the second book of The Watchers series was released through Samhain Publishing on December 23, 2008.

Another first for me was creating a book trailer for Midnight Rose. I’ll admit it was okay at first, but after spending more time working on it, I believe it is now much better. Check out the links below to see the trailers for both books.

Keep your eyes forward as we enter another year and I hope yours is filled with happy memories to take with you into 2010.

Just a little introduction of The Watchers series before I end this blog.

Dr. Stephanus Olivia created the Watchers to help balance the scales of good and evil. Cells of Watchers, vampire warriors, were established all over the world to protect humans and civilian vampires from Rogues─merciless killers with an unending quest of sating their desire for the thrill of a kill, and the blood of their victim.

Downtown Louisville, Kentucky is home to one of those Cells. When the sun goes down, four Watchers guard the city, upholding their vow to protect the innocent with their lives. The job is rough, requiring focus and training, not to mention the drive to eliminate rogue vampires in order to keep their race under the radar.

The first book of the series, Midnight Reborn, sets the stage for the city, the downtown Louisville Cell and the day-to-day, or rather night-to-night, life of a Watcher.

Trigg hunts alone, just how he likes it, and he’s never been one to follow the rules, which usually lands him in hot water with his CO. The others believe him to have a heart of stone and give him space…a lot of space.

Robyn Andrews escapes a horrific situation in Texas which claimed the life of her mother. After four years of hell, she sees her opportunity to escape, and she does so by catching the last bus out of Dallas. It’s destination─Louisville, Kentucky.

A chance meeting and a returned act of charity brings the two together and sparks fly when the world of a vampire warrior and a human female collide, then it’s a fight for Robyn’s life and Trigg’s heart.

Midnight Rose steps in where Trigg and Robyn’s story leaves off. Vane is another Watcher of the downtown Cell. Dubbed the Latin Lover by his fellow Watchers, he was known to frequent the hot spots to scratch his two main itches─females and food.

Rosa Bella, a beautiful vampire singer at the Black Panther Lounge, is thrust into the world of the Watchers when her best friend was shot and hanging on to her mortality by a prayer. Once her eyes met Vane’s and, if only for few moments, his strong arms became her rock, her boring, ever predictable life was turned upside down.

Just as Vane begins to realize how he had been trying to get by all these years and the hole he had been trying to fill, more problems erupt in the city than the planned surge of Rogues on the streets during the upcoming Derby festivities.

Rosa’s abduction by a psycho vampire and crazed fan, and the threat of a vampire drug hitting the streets before they can discover the manufacturing site, puts both of their lives in a whirlwind which could bring them together, or drive them apart.

Be sure to catch both of these paranormal romance novels and stay tuned, as they say, to book three, Midnight Revelations, where we find out what happens when Rayne is called to investigate a Rogue killing wolf sighted at the Charlestown State Park. Then, it's on to book four, Midnight Savior. After the conclusion of the city's annual fireworks festival to kick off the Derby festivities, one Watcher, Kern, is MIA. With no sign of him for months, the Watchers fear the worse.

Midnight Rose - The Watchers, Book Two

Midnight Reborn - The Watchers, Book One

Diane McEntire

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